In a consideration for the environment and the health, we use natural wood and natural pigments painting.
The fact we use natural wood can have for consequences differences such as the appearance and color of the grain. Please enjoy the uniqueness of natural wood texture and color.

<Before use>
All our products are manufactured with great care, but if you notice a damage, please do not use it.
Please make sure the toy is not broken each time before use, and use it when adults keep and eyes on the baby.
Please note that we are not responsible for any accidents in use.

<How to care>
Please dry the toy after playing.
If you are worried about dirt, avoid moisture and wipe dry with a cloth or wet tissue that has been wrung out.



The cotton paper used by Cornouiller has a natural texture with four ripped style edges made by handmade techniques. This unique rendered and texture are part of the design we created.


K18GF (Goldfilled) is a composite made of brass or 925 sterling silver bonded with high heat and pressure. Because it is made of a hot layer, it becomes a material that is difficult to peel off even after long-term use (better to avoid contact with water, sweat or cosmetics..)
Please note that, due to the nature of plating, clouding and discoloration may appear after a certain amount of time (The speed of discoloration and fading varies depending on the storage environment and usage conditions..)

You can preserve and protect the bracelet by polishing it with a cloth after use, and storing it in a bag if you plan to not use it for a while.



Wax cords are excellent in water resistance because they are drawn with wax. At first it may be hard and feel a little sticky, but the more you wear it, the softer the fibers and the better it will become.



The ribbons used by Cornouiller are hand-dyed one by one.
The edges of the ribbon are cut naturally and are part of the design we created.
Because it is a very delicate material, it may be broken if pulled strongly. Please be careful when handling.



All products are handmade, so there may be slight differences in size or appearance of letters due to the manual laser engravure. Please be aware of this fact before purchasing.

Picture are taken in a state close to the actual product, but the color appearance may vary depending on your screen and environment. Please be aware of this fact before purchasing.